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It’s time to stop carrying your skis.
Roll them with Ski-Z!

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Feel confident and secure

Don’t let carrying your skis be the worst part of your day. Roll your skis with Ski-Z.


Easily attach Ski-Z to your skis.


Push or pull your skis on dry ground or through the snow.


Feel confident while transporting your gear from your hotel or car to the ski lift

“With my chronic back pain, I thought I’d never ski again. But Ski-Z changed all that. I can now comfortably roll my skis. This product is a game-changer.”

-J. Pederson

Don’t let the stress and discomfort of lugging your gear
ruin your ski vacation.

You wouldn’t carry your luggage, you’d roll it. So why aren’t you rolling your skis?

Make it easy with Ski-Z! 

Stop carrying your skis! It's uncomfortable and awkward to lug them over your shoulder. We invented the Ski-Z Ski Wheel so you can roll your skis safely and easily, and enjoy every minute of your ski trip.  

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