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the world’s leading ski caddy







Don’t carry your skis.
Roll them with Ski-Z!

Why carry your heavy, awkward skis when you can roll them?

Tired of the hassle and discomfort of carrying your skis? 

We believe you should enjoy every minute of your ski trip. That’s why we created Ski-Z, a unique and lightweight ski caddy that helps you roll your skis.

Stop dealing with the hassle of lugging your skis or someone else’s over your shoulder. Stop worrying about hitting an innocent bystander. Add Ski-Z to your ski trip packing list then attach, roll, and go! 


Make it easy with Ski-Z!  

The Ski-Z Ski Wheel Makes Your  Holiday Shopping Easy!

Roll with Ski-Z, the ultimate ski accessory

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Choose from a wide variety of colors, one for each family member’s preference.

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We process orders quickly and can expedite shipping at your request so you can include Ski-Z in your ski vacation packing list. 

Enjoy the Ride!

Avoid the hassle and discomfort of lugging your skis slope side. From your car or hotel to the ski lift, your adventure will be easy with Ski-Z!

Ski-Z is the perfect ski gift for


Kids and family members

Kids love the independence that Ski-Z offers as the family walks to the slopes.   And at the end of the day when kids are exhausted and hungry, the Ski-Z ski caddy helps mom and dad say patient and keep family harmony.


Skiers with back pain

Many of our customers  believed chronic back pain would keep them from ever skiing again. It was just too painful to lug their gear. When they discovered Ski-Z,  they were thrilled to get back on the slopes!


Every Skier

Ski-Z is the world’s first ski caddy. It straps easily to ski tips and eliminates the need to lift skis over your shoulder and carry them awkwardly.

“I love the fact that I can roll my skis instead of carrying them over my shoulder. Easy to use and affordable.”
Angela Hartman

About the Ski-Z Ski Caddy

At Ski-Z, we know how hard you work to make a ski trip happen. You want to create a fun and exciting experience for your entire family. The problem is, transporting all your gear to the slopes is uncomfortable and can be dangerous. We’ve all seen kids who are knocked over by someone turning around with skis on their shoulder.

We believe there should be a better way. That’s why we created Ski-Z. It’s an innovative product featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” that earned investment by Barbara Corcoran.



Ski-Z is a sturdy, lightweight rolling ski carrier that connects to the tips of your skis so you can comfortably push or pull them. Ski-Z has helped thousands of people reach slope-side safely and effortlessly, with plenty of energy left to enjoy the ride.

We want you to enjoy a seamless ski experience and using Ski-Z is incredibly easy. Order this ski accessory online today, then simply attach, roll and go!

Ski trips are too short to feel exhausted before you even begin. Add this item to your ski gear and make getting to the slopes easy with Ski-Z.

What our customers say about the Ski-Z Ski Wheel:

Our customers provide excellent Ski-Z reviews and often write to share their experience:  

“I worked for Vail Resorts for 26 years and now have my Lifetime Pass. I’m 82 and find each year more difficult to carry skis! I’m already telling my friends about this!”

Patti Harkreader

“I recently spent a week in Park City and loved using my Ski-Z when walking to the town chair.  My hostess was quite impressed, so as a thank you gift I ordered the pink one for her and a grey one for her husband and the other grey one for my husband.  Thanks again for your help.”

Brenda Bittner

Make it easy with Ski-Z! 

Stop carrying your skis! It's uncomfortable and awkward to lug them over your shoulder. We invented the Ski-Z Ski Wheel so you can roll your skis safely and easily, and enjoy every minute of your ski trip.  

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